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This is not a bizarre claim out of nowhere.

I forgot how tiresome it is to put a picture in an LJ entry, so…

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I forgot how tiresome it is to put a picture in an LJ entry, so you're gonna have to follow me on this one -- you know the kind of door handle that is not a door knob, and not a horizontal bar, but like a vertical handle that has a thumb press tab on the top, which is the latch for the door? The more industrial kind that are in office buildings, I don't think I've ever seen one in a home. ANYWAY. That's what I'm talking about.

The door on our storage room at work has type kind of handle, and it's a heavy door, and the tab needs a firm press. I'm in and out of the storage room fairly often, so I know that when you goes to open this door, you have to approach the endeavor with a strong, hearty grip and throw your whole arm into the unlatch and open movement. At some point this afternoon, the door was locked -- I'm not clear on what happened here, we generally don't lock it during the day -- so it was locked unbeknownst to me. And then when I went to open it, I went to it with my usual zest, and it was like a lesson in inertia because nothing on the door latch was moving. It was so unexpectedly painful, can you sprain all your hand and arm muscles at once? Holy cow.

It was also amazing (although not pleasant) to then realize, for the rest of the day, that a lot of those muscles get called into action whenever you use your opposable thumb.
  • I hope you feel better!
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    • And I remember when LJ introduced the photo feature, and it seemed so amazing, that there was an "easy" way to share pictures in an online community type of platform.
  • I believe that's called a thumb latch, though when I search for that, it gives me lots of fence latches, so maybe on a door it's called something else. Anyway, I know what you're talking about. When I was a kid, we lived in a house that had a door latch like that, and our cat would jump up and sink her claws into the doorframe, and I finally figured out she was trying to use her paw to open the door, since she'd seen us do it (she was never quite successful at it, fortunately). I'm sure the landlord was thrilled with the state of the doorframe when we moved out.

    And yes, the thumb is one of those muscles that you never realize how much you use it until you hurt it. I hope you're recovered!
    • Just like whenever I stub my toe, I am amazed at how much force goes into each step that I never notice usually.

      It *is* a thumb latch mechanism, but a google image search (or at least the first page of returns) is almost all pictures of the kind that are on houses, like the kind that look like they would be called "ye olde door latch" model at Home Depot, and only one of the commercial use office kind. I wonder if they have another name? Why am I so stuck on what these are called? :)
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