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This is not a bizarre claim out of nowhere.

When Lu was a baby, sometimes I would think about how joyful it would…

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When Lu was a baby, sometimes I would think about how joyful it would be, as a parent, to introduce her to the marvels of nature, science, and technology.

This weekend, we're going to visit a friend up in the Catskills, and it's Maple Syrup Weekend -- a state-wide thing in which farms that produce syrup and maple sugar open up to the public, most have some basic farm-type activities for kids, like petting goats, and samples of maple candy, stuff like that. To get excited for this, I asked Lu this morning if she would like to learn about how maple syrup is made.

She said "well mom, you take a bucket to a maple tree, and a hammer, and you TAP TAP TAP a spout into a tree and the raw syrup drips out into the bucket. Then you come back to get your bucket, and bring all the raw syrup to a giant stove, which cooks it into real syrup that you eat."

Okay then, I guess that is covered. Hopefully she'll get a kick out of petting the goats.
  • Man, I love that kid.
  • There's also maple candy you get if you're bad.
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    • I have no idea. I know we have talked about how maple syrup comes from trees as a general concept. Maybe school? Or PBS Kids?

      I had tried reading Little House to her, although she's still at the age where a chapter book better start off strong on action and not so much on description, and that one didn't grab her right out of the gate. We're presently (ha) reading Ramona the Pest, which she is enjoying a lot.
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        • BT was also up there with "too much talking, Mom." But that was one of the first ones I tried, so maybe another year.

          Probably her absolute favorite chapter book(s) is the Fancy Nancy mystery series.
  • LOL!
  • That is awesome and also I would like to attend Maple Sugar Weekend!
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