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This is not a bizarre claim out of nowhere.

Daylight saving time. Some people get very heated over this. For…

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Daylight saving time. Some people get very heated over this. For myself, I feel like my own internal clock must be vague to begin with, because I never feel overly disoriented by it. Maybe it feels "different" for a day, MAYBE two days, and then I forget it happened. I'm flex about jet lag, too. I'll notice it when it's drastic, like in China, but even then, it's more like a "it's funny how it feels so much later to me" and then that's it. I might go to bed an hour earlier or an hour later on any random night anyway. My wake up time is more fixed, because of the whole Working For The Man thing, but left to my own devices for a decent amount of time, like while on vacation like civilized people, the getting up time will start drifting around as well.

I know there have been experiments where researchers put people in isolation areas (I hope they are nice, with lots of amenities) and leave them to it, eventually they see most people set themselves to an internal clock that's just shy of 24 hours. I would love to see where I shake out with this ... but it's also possible that part of the appeal is that if you're in an isolation area, I'd assume you don't have to go to work and that other people keep your kitchen pleasantly stocked so you can eat breakfast, lunch, or dinner food as is your wont. The whole package strikes me as really relaxing.

Back to DST, I have heard people say they are "in agony for weeks," which is, well ... that seems extreme. I had a c-section and wouldn't have described it as being in agony for weeks. Which sounds dismissive on my part, although it's more that it genuinely has me wondering if this is one of those things where different people experience something differently, or if it's more like it's the same experience but the impact is different, or if they are using language differently to describe an experience that is essentially similar. WE CANNOT KNOW THE MIND OF ANOTHER.

OKAY YES I attribute plenty of things with causing agony for weeks, but I'm banking on the fact that the context usually gives it away as hyperbole.
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    • I don't know if it would be better, or worse, or just more random, for you on the West Coast, because in NYC, Hamilton is A THING that has taken over the entire city, so maybe we are more attuned to the hyperbole parts ... or we can gloss over them easily ... or we have more of a context for things related to Broadway theater? The last show I can recall with this kind of hysteria was Rent, and even that was pre-social media so the craziness didn't get this kind of traction.
  • I get up at 6 on weekdays, and I can't really sleep in on weekends because my body just wakes me up. I'm usually up by 7:30 or 8 the latest. This morning I had a hard time dragging myself out of bed. Granted, I got less sleep last night than I sometimes do, but I do think it was my body's reaction to DST. I expect that if the effect continues, it will be for one more day at most.

    Oh, and I also recovered really quickly from my c-section. I frankly don't remember ANY agony. I mean, of course it's surgery, I must have been in pain? I'm sure I was. But I guess the hormones and the trauma of having a stat c-section and a preemie outweigh that in my memory.
    • It's also true that they don't give you wicked good drugs for daylight saving time, unlike my C-section. But I wasn't on the drugs for weeks and weeks, either!
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