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This is not a bizarre claim out of nowhere.

Well, we had a blizzard here. It wasn't that exciting. Part of it,…

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Well, we had a blizzard here. It wasn't that exciting. Part of it, and the upside on a systems management basis, is that it started late on Friday night so there wasn't any impact on the Friday evening commute, and then Saturday and Sunday were the worst of the days, and things seem reasonably ready to be up and running by Monday -- so I personally didn't have any disruption on the work/school (Lucy's school) front. The downside (for me, personally) is that I have fun things planned for the weekend, so it was more disappointing to miss those things. The city cancelled the WinterFest planned for Central Park on Saturday -- which, okay, on the surface is hilarious because what could be MORE like winter than a blizzard with lots of snow? But I understand why things like that are cancelled, it's not just the participants who would have to decide if they felt up to braving the weather to attend, it's the staff who work before, during, and after, many of whom have to travel in from other parts of the city, some quite far away, and there is a difference between bundling up and walking a few blocks to a park, and getting in a car or waiting for a bus. For some reason, it bothers me that cancellations like that focus on the participants, as if to sweep away the fact that the staff often cannot afford to live in the "nice" part of the city near the park.

Hmm, maybe I should make that a qualified statement regarding the school. There was no actual disruption to school, either on Friday (pre-blizzard) or Monday (post-blizzard), but my gosh, the school sent out a TON of emails throughout. Most of them were updates with information that would, in theory, be good to know, but as always, the email would leave out some critical piece of information so a second, follow-up email had to be sent. I swear, the number of emails I get from the school that start out "Unfortunately, the last email did not include the time/date/location/deadline/cost/other key info ..." is at least half the total number of emails. HALF.

I ate constantly, oh my goodness. It seemed like there was nothing much to do except cook and eat. I wasn't even hungry anymore, and was still excited when I came across a box of chocolate-covered pretzels I meant to put out around the holidays, but forgot about. Salty and sweet! I also made a decent chicken soup out of mostly stuff that was leftover, so it was quite a mix. I had realized that I had a bunch of pasta in the cupboard that all had just a little, < one serving in the bottom of the box, so I dumped that all in. It's ... interesting, how striking it seems to me to have different pasta shapes on purpose in the same dish. Dogs and cats, living together!
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