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This is not a bizarre claim out of nowhere.

I don't think either of these was a NEW YEAR'S resolution, but they…

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I don't think either of these was a NEW YEAR'S resolution, but they popped into my head recently as two things I resolved to do and actually DID. Or, at least, made better habits around them.

1. Planning things to not take car services. I guess this is pretty dependent in living in a public transportation area. I even surprised myself by how easy it was to change this particular habit, possibly because using public transportation more, in different parts of my city, rapidly increased my knowledge of how to use it most effectively, and that was like an instant gratifier that fueled my motivation even more.

2. Not using ATMs that charge fees. Or I guess you could have one of those fancy accounts that gives you the fees back, but I don't have one of those. In general it made me plan ahead more to have the cash I needed, and often reminded me that if I REALLY needed money, I could go one or two extra blocks to get it from a non-fee ATM. I don't think it saved me THAT much money in terms of the actual dollar value of the fees, but it did help me focus more on my spending. And sort of counter-intuitively, I did this along with trying to avoid as much as possible the cash back option at the store ... which I completely get is convenient, and fee-free, but also makes it a little too easy for me to randomly get $20 in my hot little hands.

These seem really small, not particularly interesting, and not related to like, my philosophy of the universe or anything grand like that, but given how hard it can be to change a habit, it's good to remember the times one is successful at it.
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