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This is not a bizarre claim out of nowhere.

Decisions I Am Agonizing Over, part one million. Do I keep the…

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Decisions I Am Agonizing Over, part one million. Do I keep the landline at the cottage?

When we first got the cottage, I'm not even sure if I had a cell phone, but if I did, or when I got one shortly after, there was little or no coverage up at the lake, and then for a decent amount of years after, coverage was spotty, often depending on the weather or if the signal was feeling particularly Canadian that day. So we had a landline, and it got some use in the early years, and then as time marched on and civilization came to Grandview Bay, it was used less and less, although it still felt like it made sense to have it "in case of emergency," like I guess if the emergency involved not having your cell phone. These days, the cell phone coverage is fine, everyone has a cell phone, I can walk to my aunt's house if there was some issue with my cell phone, I don't know. Any scenario that includes using the landline but being unable to use the cell phone in an emergency situation seems incredibly specific. I don't even have a landline in NYC.

My whole hesitation, I think, comes down to feeling unjustifiably nostalgic about having a phone number that is that of my childhood. And it's not even THE NUMBER, it's the prefix. I am attached to the prefix, because it means, and has always meant to me "you're at the lake."

But it's a stupid amount of money to pay for something that we use, literally, never. It's likely it's been more than two years since I used the landline, to call either in or out. And when Lu was a baby, I'm pretty sure I unplugged the phone so it wouldn't wake her while she was napping, and maybe didn't plug it in again until the next YEAR. So not only not USING the phone and still paying for, but DISABLING it and still paying for it. That's crazy, right? I should go cancel it now while I'm focused on it.
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