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This is not a bizarre claim out of nowhere.

Falling down on the goal of writing more, but baby steps ... baby…

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Falling down on the goal of writing more, but baby steps ... baby steps ...

Both Lu and I have colds, only medium colds but I kept us both home today. I think if just one of us had been under the weather, if I was fine and she had a little sniffle I would have packed her off to school, or if she was fine and I was poorly I could have sucked it up and gotten her to school and then gone into work (isolated in my office, I didn't have any meetings today and was planning on using it as a writing day anyway), but when I got up and she was lagging because she wanted to sleep more (and she was up a bit in the night with congestion so she was probably reasonably tired) I didn't have the energy to kick it in gear so home we stayed.

Then, mid-day, I got an email notice that a water pipe burst at her school, so there is no school tomorrow which is like ... nooooooo. I absolutely have to work tomorrow because I'm taking vacation next week and need to put in some sort of appearance before that happens. Now I've got to cobble together some sort of plan.

You'd think I might have used the time at home today to get some stuff ready for our trip next week (we leave SATURDAY), but nope.

In non-sad sack news, I am reading The Things They Carried, which is poignant stories about the Vietnam war. In an interesting twist, the copy I am reading is from the library, and a previous borrower was seemingly a high school freshman because every page or so has a vocabulary word circled. It's not really taking away from the reading experience, but I am unable to stop myself from pausing to mentally define every circled word as they come up. (So far I know all of them.)
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