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This is not a bizarre claim out of nowhere.

My life has a lot of Barbies lately. As you may know, in recent…

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My life has a lot of Barbies lately. As you may know, in recent years, they've redesigned Barbie so that her proportions aren't quite so extremely irrational, which I think is fine in theory, but still, it isn't as if anyone looks at a Barbie now and says "oh, she looks so normal." Another effect of this is that current Barbies can't wear a lot of the vintage Barbie clothes (more on this in a sec), and old Barbies don't fit into the new clothes.

I learned this, because a general plus of my mom still living in the house of my childhood is that she still has a lot of our toys. Which seems surprising to me, because I know she's given plenty of toys away to younger relatives or visiting people with kids over the years, but she was still able to pull out a bunch of my old Barbies and their clothes. As a result, in the category of things that I never thought I'd spend mental energy on, I now keep a running database in my head of which outfits can only go on certain Barbies.

The OTHER thing that came up related to this, and this is the part where I roll my eyes at my mom a lot, so this is venting, is that at some point in my young adulthood, I had the wherewithal to pack up my "good" Barbies. That means the two Barbies that I had kept the nicest (the ballerina -- oh man, I completely forgot how to link to a picture online in LJ, anyway, it's the 1976 Ballerina Barbie with the gold crown stuck on her head -- and another one that might not even have been Mattel but she was my favorite and I named her Jessica because that was the most exotic name I knew) AND some fancy dresses that my grandmother had made (and she knew what she was doing, these were lovely, and the main thing is that my grandmother made them for me). They were all in a shoebox, so not a huge amount of dolls and clothes. I know for a fact that they made it until I was about 30, because I had taken a design class for work, and for our final assignment, my group decided to create a little Barbie photo shoot to illustrate our project. I mean, that wasn't part of the assignment, but we were supposed to create promotional materials for a fictional business, so to entertain ourselves, we made our pictures be of Barbies posed like they were providing customer service and all that. I had this shoebox of Barbies that I pulled out for the project, and then after the project I packed them back up again, and shortly after that, we bought our cottage. We have A LOT of stuff packed up in storage there, and I know that the box was put into some sort of bin of crap that we didn't use often, like maybe holiday decorations or old photo albums or the like. All of this is by way of saying it's not as if I'm vaguely remembering some Barbies from when I was 9 years old -- in my actual adult life I kept track of them and intentionally stored them away.

I mentioned recently to my mom that now that Lu is into the Barbies, I should go through some of our storage and dig out this box of Barbies ... and my mom said "What are you talking about, there aren't any Barbies at the cottage!" which is like ... okay mom, I didn't claim there was an entire Barbie Dreamhouse there, it's a SHOEBOX packed into a storage bin and down in the crawl space or in the back closet or maybe the shed. It could be anywhere. There's no particular reason anyone else would notice them or not ... but she kept insisting, she was adamant, and then IT DAWNED ON ME. The only reason (or, okay, the only reason I can think of) she would know the box wasn't there is if she came across it at some point and gave it away or otherwise got rid of it. Because my mom would totally do that. MOM.
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