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This is not a bizarre claim out of nowhere.

This is going to be anti-climatic, I'm saying that upfront. The city…

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This is going to be anti-climatic, I'm saying that upfront.

The city is doing some work on the water pipes under the street near campus (the expensive work), and on Tuesday, the workers were surprised when they dug into a burial vault! The park used to be a pauper's burial ground, where the deceased were dumped in rather unceremoniously and all in a jumble. As far as I know, all of those remains (that remained, that is -- it was 200 years ago, so some of the decomposition was pretty advanced) were removed in a park renovation about 30 years ago. (They used to have a problem with fencing, because the posts would gradually sink in wherever the ground underneath was getting softer due to the graves rotting out.) However, this new burial vault is (probably) not part of the pauper's burials, but might have been attached to the graveyard of a church that used to be in the area. I usually know stuff like this so I am surprised I hadn't previously known about a churchyard adjacent to the Park. But that is the beauty of life, always learning more tidbits of interesting things.


Naturally, I RAN OUT OF THE OFFICE as soon as I heard about this, hoping to catch a glimpse, but alas, it was already covered up. It seems there is a protocol for when city workers find stuff like this while digging. O city workers, why so on top of your jobs?
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    • And how quickly we lose track of them, as a society. Like most people would be horrified if their own grandparents' burial spots were suddenly missing ... but a few generations? Those could be ANYWHERE.
  • That is so neat. I feel like New York City is a lot like Europe in the respect that you can't dig too deep without hitting something historical. =)
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