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This is not a bizarre claim out of nowhere.

As it turns out, nothing else especially interesting has happened to…

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As it turns out, nothing else especially interesting has happened to me between my last entry and now. I went to the ear doctor this morning, I've had this mild ear issue since my last trip to Abu Dhabi. I've actually managed not to complain about it, because it doesn't seem right to start off any complaints with "WELL, when I was at the St. Regis-Saadiyat Island beach club ..." but I did go swimming in the Gulf and had that awful swimmer's ear thing that subsided after a day or so, but never really got 100% resolved. It would get to about 90% resolved, and then I would think "oh, okay, this is FINALLY clearing up" and then it would turn around again. Just when it was horrible and I was on the verge of going into the doctor, it would suddenly improve.

My learning curve is clearly very deficient because it took this much time for me to finally decide to go to the doctor ANYWAY, even if it didn't seem particularly bad when I made the appointment. And the appointment was today, and my ears felt very good. I was even a little disappointed, because I didn't want it to be that thing where the doctor told me my ears looked fine (they FEEL fine, so that wouldn't have been an unreasonable thing to say) and sent me on my way, only to have a decline again in a week or so. Fortunately, ear doctors must be good at this sort of thing, because he did say that I had an ear infection, and it was likely it had been cycling around for a while, so at least I didn't seem like a crazy person taking up his time with my healthy ears.

Now I have ear drops.
  • This story was slightly disappointing in that it didn't end with him telling you he found, in your ear, some really wackadoo godawful parasite that north american doctors rarely get to see.
    • I can see the appeal there ... but then not so much when I saw the news stories today about the guy with a tapeworm in his brain.
  • (no subject) -
    • Ha, maybe! I think I was coming at it the other way, when people would ask how my work trip was, it was mostly fine so I like to say it was good ... but then it seems like too much to tack on BUT LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT HOW SWIMMING IN THE CRYSTAL CLEAR WATERS OF THE PERSIAN GULF GAVE ME THIS EAR INFECTION THAT MADE IT HARD TO ENJOY COCKTAIL SERVICE ON THE VERANDA OF THE ST. REGIS.
  • I have a similar recurrent problem with my tooth. Without the St. Regis part, alas.
  • I hope you feel better.
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