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This is not a bizarre claim out of nowhere.

Writing a long entry on the FIRST DAY OUT was maybe not the most…

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Writing a long entry on the FIRST DAY OUT was maybe not the most far-sighted strategy. Let's see, today, for filler, there can be some book updates. I am presently in the middle of Carry On, the Rainbow Rowell novel based out of the fanfic plotline from last year's Fangirl. With that book, the internal fanfic was the aspect that I was the most skeptical about, but I ended up loving it, and I felt the same way about Carry On. Sure, I liked it (loved it) within the other novel, but could it support a whole book on its own? Answer: yes. I would keep reading this for seven whole books.

I also liked the new Patrick Ness, The Rest of Us Just Live Here, although I with that had been somewhat longer. I felt like I was thiiiiiiiiis close to that feeling where you really and truly know and love characters as if they were people in real life ... but then the book was over.

I was halfway through a book of short stories by Nathan Ballingrud, before I couldn't take looking at Carry On SITTING ON MY SHELF, UNREAD, for one more minute. It's very creepy and oogy. I saw a blurb that it's as if Raymond Chandler did supernatural horror, and that's very apt. Most of the characters are people who are marginalized in some respect already, before the horror even kicks in, some sympathetically, and others not, and some of those situations are the creepiest parts.

Hopefully more things will happen to me by tomorrow that I can write about, now that I have had covered recent reading.
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