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This is not a bizarre claim out of nowhere.

So I was sitting around updating my Beer Journal, and I realized…

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So I was sitting around updating my Beer Journal, and I realized "OMG, I've become the kind of terrible person who keeps a beer journal."
  • I'm the kind of awful person that would read a beer journal. Where is it?
    • Well. You know it is a longer story now. Originally it was a narrative-type journal, only recently I decided it needed to be more like a spreadsheet so I can sort by various things. After I'm finished monkeying around with it, I'll figure out how to share.
  • You would fit right in with lots of the employees here at ex-Syclo, now-SAP. It's all beer all the time over here.
    • Maybe it's a work thing, because this definitely started as a result of catching a beer with coworkers.
  • (no subject) -
    • Sort of, yeah -- it's the bar & grill around the corner from my office. There's not really any end to the menu, because they rotate seasonal stuff and are always changing it, but you can keep track of which beers you've had. The bar does little promotional things at different milestones, like a set of pint glasses for everyone over 50 beers, a private party for everyone over 100 beers.

      The emphasis is all on craft/local beers.

      I will say I started going there without much interest in beer, but more because it was a social thing with my coworkers, and dang if I didn't end up actually learning stuff about beer.
  • Not awful. I would love to read. I don't like beer myself but the hubby is always looking for the next big taste. =)
    • The crazy thing is that I didn't even like beer either when I started the journal! :)
      • i think it is the malt. I dislike malted milkshakes and I don't like milk duds. I just don't like malt and most beers have that. I love ciders though. =)
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